A sorbet called "Polpa"

Titio has launched a sorbet called "Polpa" as the fruit is the main ingredient.
Its thick and creamy consistency gives us a feeling of freshness
like eating the pulp of fresh fruit!

We are a team

We know the whole chain, starting from the Green Coconut Brazilian farmer to the Italian artisanal ice-cream fabricator.

Signor Succo crosses the oceans searching for the best raw materials. The select tropical fruits are left to mature in their country of origin, and immediately frozen preserving the organoleptic qualities without any addition of preservatives.

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We developed with Mr. Ghisolfi and his decades of experience in the world of sorbets, perfectly balanced recipe, that meet our main objectives:

  • To maintain the highest possible percentage of actual fruit: 70-75%.

  • To create a new sorbet, not airy and with no added water; a kind of sweetened fruit with a creamy and refreshing consistency.

  • To use the best ingredients. The tropical fruit does not come from concentrates or juices.

  • In our recipes, we do not add dairy products or animal derivatives. There are no preservatives and no artificial flavors.


We thought you would enjoy the 200g portion,
you can finish it all at once or share it with a friend!
How much fruit a 200g cup contain?

Titio Polpa
Mango & Maracuja

1/2 Mango
1/2 Passion fruit

Titio Polpa
water and pulp of Cocco Verde

1/4 Green Coconut
Water and pulp of green coconut

Titio Polpa
ananas & menta

1/3 di Ananas


For the Ho.Re.Ca channel, professional 1.75 kg trays are available.
How much fruit contains more or less a 1.75kg bowl?


4 Mango
5 Maracuja

Water and pulp of Green Coconut

2 Green Coconut

Bacche di
Açai & Cocoa

788 bacche di Açai
3 Cocoa - 2 Passion fruit

Papaya Formosa

3 Papaya

Pineapple parola
with mint

2 and 1/2 Pineapple
30 Mint leaves


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